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New to Massage? What To Expect...

 Prior to the massage...


     If it is your first massage with us you should arrive about 5 minutes early so you can fill out a Health Intake Form. This form gives us the information that we need to know about you in order to customize the perfect massage for you. Before we begin, you will be given the opportunity to use the restroom (it is advisable that you go beforehand). Once you are ready, you will be shown the therapy room, be left alone to undress to your comfort level, and get on the therapy table (under the covers). We will enter the therapy room once you are comfortable and settled. You will be draped during the massage, only exposing the body part being worked on.



During the massage...


     It is of our highest priority that you are comfortable and relaxed. Talking is optional. Some clients like quiet relaxation and others like social interaction. You will be expected to let us know if you are uncomfortable or in pain. Room temperature, table temperature, music volume, etc. can be easily adjusted if you just let us know your preference. Feel free to discuss any concerns you have about the massage with us. We are happy to answer questions and educate the client. After the massage you will be left alone to get dressed and then we will follow up with you when you are ready.


If you are considering a massage, it is recommended that you book in advance. 


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